Laura's Box

Laura's Box

Laura's Box

Product description

What does the Naked Afraid Diet look like? Reality TV star, survivalist and author Laura Zerra brings her unique twist to the regen diet with her very own curated box of Regenerative Meat. With marrow bones to make bone broth and suet to make tallow, all of which she will walk you through how to make on our site, her box is loaded with delicious essentials to keep you well fed and not just surviving, but thriving. Laura will also be curating additional free specials for monthly subscribers. Sign up and save your wallet and the planet with Laura's Membership Box. 


Bone Broth Bones - 2-3 lbs

Suet - 2lbs

Delmonico Steak - 1lb

Ground Beef 3lbs

Ground Bison - 2lbs

Heart Jerky - 3oz

Beef Jerky - 3oz

Rump Roast - 2-3lbs

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