Introducing Regenerative Pastures: Agriculture that Supports Animals, Farmers and the Planet

Climate change is the most insidious challenge of our generation. Reversing the damage already done to our planet means re-thinking almost everything we know about our relationship with the Earth: particularly how we farm it.
Food is essential for all life. But to continue feeding ourselves, we first need to nourish and sustain the Earth—the soil that grows our crops and supports our livestock. The time has come for us to re-imagine the way we farm the land.
Our relationship with food is broken. Our food supply chain is broken. Our agricultural system is broken. Fixing these things—fixing our planet—starts with regenerative agriculture.

What is Regenerative Pastures?

Regenerative Pastures is a farm-to-table food supply chain created by Evan Demarco and Janna Breslin: the founders of Complete Human. Evan and Janna brought together some of the best and brightest minds in regenerative agriculture and health to form a company that’s committed to the health of the individual, the health of the planet, and the gratitude of the ranchers and farmers responsible for our food.

A holistic reimagination of food

We’ve all heard that grass fed is better. But why? The answer is in nature. It wasn’t until large cattle operations started putting cows in pens and feeding them hormones that we, as humans, began to suffer from our food choices. Before factory farming, food didn’t just taste better—it was healthier, for us and for the planet.
Examine the history of agriculture in the U.S. and you’ll find an alarming trend. The efficiency of food production has skyrocketed, while the quality of food has plummeted. Today, our food has diminishing returns on nutrition, soil health and even cost. From soil depletion and desertification of the land to obesity and chronic inflammation in people, end-to-end, farming is broken.
Regenerative Pastures is here to help fix it.
We’re recreating the concept of food production, working with ranchers and farmers all over the world to build and support a thriving local supply chain—all based on Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture for a better future

Regenerative agriculture isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s older than our civilization—practiced by the earliest indigenous people around the world. Practices like crop rotation, cover cropping, grazing for vegetation management and more are all heritage farming concept. Unfortunately, they’re concepts lost in the modern pursuit of ruthless farming efficiency.
At Regenerative Pastures, we put heritage practices at the forefront of everything we do. More important, we put people, animals and the planet first, every step of the way, to ensure a food production supply chain that does no harm. Here’s how:
We’ve cut out all middlemen, connecting our customers directly with ranchers and farmers practicing regenerative agriculture.
We educate farmers and ranchers on the environmental benefits of switching to regenerative agriculture, and we offer them fair prices for their products.
We own and operate our own regenerative farm, to ensure a net positive impact on the environment.
As a vertically integrated sustainable supply chain, we’re fully aware of the challenges our producer partners face every step of the way: from cropping to delivery of food. For us, it’s not enough just to connect people with healthy foods. As a company, we believe in keeping our hands in the soil, to ensure a healthy planet.

Come join us at Regenerative Pastures

Regenerative Pastures strives to support healthier people and a healthier planet through regenerative agriculture, and to ensure that regenerative farmers and ranchers are paid a premium for the work they do in supporting a thriving ecosystem.
Come join us in fulfilling this mission. Together, we can save the planet, one meal at a time.