Laura Zerra

Laura Zerra, cast member of the Discovery show “Naked and Afraid” and “Naked and Afraid XL,” is a survivalist, author, TV Host, recovering vegan, roadkill culinary gourmand, and regenerative agriculture enthusiast.

Called by the road less travelled, Laura has spent her life in pursuit of knowledge and experience. From the ancient art of persistence hunting, to ancient tanning practices, to learning primitive survivalist, Laura has spent decades traveling the world in search of knowledge and very specific set of skills (watch out Liam Neeson), all of which she now uses to educate people on her TV Show “Decivilized.”

Laura’s Box is as unique as she is and highlights her love of great food in a true nose to tail diet. As a consummate educator, Laura teaches us all how to make delicious bone broth and versatile tallow with a few of the amazing ingredients in her box. Paired with regenerative ground beef and bison, amazing steaks and perfect rump roast, Laura’s box is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Make sure to check out her recipes and videos here, and follow her at the links below.