Most of us were taught the differences between a carnivore and an herbivore in primary school when we learned about the dinosaurs. In a typical food chain, the herbivores eat plants, and the carnivores eat the herbivores, with the random omnivore (humans) thrown in to really confuse the whole system. Now, after millions of years, there is a new kind of eater on the planet. The Localvore.


The last two years have taught the importance of a better supply chain, especially with our food. This download gives you practical insights into improving your health while supporting domestic food security and ensuring that American Ranchers and Farmers earn a livable wage. Best of all, eating like a Localvore reverses climate change and desertification, issues that demand our immediate attention. 


Regenerative Pastures leads the charge on healthier people and a healthier planet. Download your copy of How to Eat Like A Localvore and be part of the Regenerative Revolution.