Our Mission

Our mission at Regenerative Pastures is to support the nutritional demands of all people while encouraging the health & longevity of planet earth through regenerative agriculture. We ensure that regenerative farmers and ranchers are paid a premium for the work they do in nurturing a thriving ecosystem. Join our movement for healthier people & a healthier planet.

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Our Improved Value Chain:

For us to accomplish our mission, we had to improve the supply chain by cutting out the middlemen who are resposnible for taking money out of the ranchers’ pockets and increasing the consumer costs.

By owning the processing plant, we have solved one of the biggest problems in the protein supply chain. Regenerative Pastures works directly with ranchers and farmers to support their conversion to Regenerative Agriculture. We buy animals directly from our network of ranchers and farmers, process the meat right here in the USA, and then ship directly to you.

Everyone wins!

It's time to clear the air...

While the media and certain enviromental groups claim that animals are the cause of our global climate crisis, when you look under the hood you'll see that ruminant animals are vitally important for our environmental health and surival. It's our mission to highlight this truth.



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